The Countdown to Christmas Begins…

The passing of Thanksgiving means the official start of the holiday season.  And while many people are out riding the black Friday tidal wave, others are transforming their home into a haven of holiday happiness.  I currently fall into category B, except decorating at my parent’s house is far more chaotic an experience than from what takes place at my own.

You see, for 30+ years now, the tradition at my parents house has involved unearthing tangled tree lights from the depths of the basement, balancing out too much of one ornament type or color with not enough of the other, and an overabundance of tinsel.  It’s a very hectic beginning to what always ends up being a beautifully decorated home.

Today I’ve decided to let my parents in on a little secret – the holidays don’t have to be hectic!  Oh, that and STORAGE BINS ARE YOUR FRIEND.  For as little as $8.99, anyone can easily simplify the process of setting up and breaking down for the holidays by purchasing heavy-duty Sterlite (or a comparable brand) plastic bins. As you open the stored decorations, carefully assess their condition by asking the following questions:

Do any of the lights need to be replaced? How about candles, garland or ornaments?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, add the items to a list that can be referenced when shopping for post-season clearance sales.

What about the bins? Is your method of storage effective?  Have they held up to the job? Are they easy to stack?

If you answered no to any of these questions, it’s time to reconsider the type of boxes that you’re using – plastic has more durability than cardboard – so add this to your list of Must-Buy items for this season.  Also, many storage companies have developed storage that caters specifically to holiday decor, such as wreaths, delicate ornaments, or ribbon. Tipz Time is a cute online resource for all of your storage needs.  And once the holiday has come to an end, use them to safely re-store your decorations and ornaments until next year.


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