For Love or Money?


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Each morning, the day’s most interesting wedding-related write-ups are delivered into my inbox and today’s first story was an interesting article titled: New prenups include ‘signing bonus’, which goes into the evolution of prenuptial agreements.

Just to stir up some early morning excitement (and as a personal social experiment), I distributed a few copies throughout the office, returned to clearing out my inbox, and waited.  I didn’t even have to wait patiently – it was 8 minutes before the first call came in…

…3 phone calls, 2 personal visits, and 45 minutes later, I realized that public opinions run deep on this subject and my platform – just say NO to prenups – is not the fan favorite.  While there may be a need to protect valuable assets in relationships where either or both parties know they are marrying for the wrong reasons, the hopeless romantic in me sees no reason to institute marital stipulations, the subtext of which reads divorce, otherwise.  After all, shouldn’t the most precious and valuable asset be love and the hearts that covet the vows of marriage?

I would also argue that this new era of prenuptial agreements, where date nights, acceptable forms of intimacy and the rightful owner of the dogs, are spelled out removes organic spontaneity from the relationship and diminishes the value of counseling in times of marital trouble.  But this is just my brief opinion, and I’m curious to have you weigh in on this so my question for you is the same:

  • Do you agree with the concept of a Prenuptial Agreement or did/will you introduce one into your marriage?  If not, why not?
  • Do you think the idea of instituting things such as signing bonuses and date nights into a prenuptial agreement is necessary or too much?

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