EXPOSED: Michelle and Lauren Grossberg of TopstiX

Michelle Grossberg (Creator) and sister Lauren Grossberg (Marketing / PR) are the owners and creative designers of TopstiX – plastic chopsticks that are hand decorated in 164 Swarovski crystals and personally customized to bling out your Sushi dining experience.  When I first heard about the concept, I immediately thought they were a very cute favor idea for a Dim Sum brunch celebrating the Chinese New Year. And thanks to Twitter, I was able to catch up with Michelle and Lauren for this very sparkly installation of EXPOSED.

Company Snapshot:

  • Name: TopstiX
  • Established: 2010
  • What is Your Main Line of Business? We hand make Swarovski covered chopsticks, delicately placing each stone one by one for a fun and unique gift.
  • Why TopstiX? It is a play on chopsticks (what we cover in rhinestones!) and since we do it on the top of the stick, it fits perfectly with our product!
  • What Was The Inspiration for TopstiX? Our love of everything bling! We already owned blinged out phones, ipods, and other accessories, but not a pair of chopsticks! That, combined with our love of sushi, inspired us to create a product that no one has ever done before.
  • Explain the day in the life as a business owner: We spend many hours on social media sites and outlets, trying to reach out to our fan base, and also build new connections and relationships with future ones. Not only do we spend many hours producing our product, but we brainstorm new color combos and pattern ideas.
  • What is the best business advice you’ve ever received? To never give up and keep trying. We always remember to keep our heads up and pushing the product. Since we believe we have a great product, we are always working hard to spread the word!


  • Hometown: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • School Creds: We’re both graduates of the University of Florida.  Go Gators!!
  • Our First Job: After college graduation, we were fortunate enough to tag along on a business trip to China to one of their father’s business trips to China with their father. While there, we were able to take part in his export business, East West Trading Company. It was there, where we were inspired by the many colors, styles and culture of the country.
  • What keeps you up at night? We are constantly dreaming big of what is up and coming for our business, sometimes losing precious hours of sleep!
  • What are some wise words that you live by? Get in the Mix and Grab some Stix!
  • What was/is your best career decision? Starting our own business! We realized after working for others, in order to really get our ideas out there that we must take charge!


  • Reading now: Kardashian Konfidential (we absolutely adore these empowering businesswomen!)
  • Reading next: A Shore Thing. We love reality TV and Snooki is a hot client that would be PERFECT for Topstix!
  • Last fun purchase: Hello Kitty Compact Mirror
  • When you’re not working you can be found doing what? Blinging out chopsticks! But we both love to travel, shop, read gossip magazines and eat good food!

Playing Favorites

  • Hotel: Fountainebleau  South Beach
  • Getaway: LA  (home to many of our clients *wink*
  • Entrée: SUSHI!
  • Drink: Skinnygirl Margarita
  • Guilty pleasure:

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