A Greener Way to Illuminate…

Event lighting is a relatively small investment that yields a significant impact on the overall décor and ambience captured by your event.  Perhaps the least expensive and most common lighting option is candles.  But have you ever given thought to the amount of energy that is consumed making tea light candles only for them to burn for 2 hours and be discarded?  What about the amount of wax and wicker that goes into large votive candles? Depending on the number of candles you burn annually, you may be leaving behind a rather impressive carbon footprint.

A greener and safer option, which has been growing in popularity over the years, is the flameless and rechargeable candle. Until recently though, I’ve thought that what flameless candles made up for in cost effectiveness and environmental friendliness, they’ve lacked in design…that is, until I came across these ideas.

While all of these are touted as the perfect decorative light addition to your home, office or child’s room consider them for use the next time your event calls for the soothing benefits of a soft candle.

Milk Glass Cup Shaped LED Night Light Lamp

This energy saving LED Light is designed to look like a glass of milk and even comes in a fun cow-inspired package.  Standing at 5.43 inches high and weighing only 4.6 ounces, this fun lighting alternative is powered by 3 AAA batteries and an ON/OFF setting that is concealed on the bottom of the glass.  When set to ON, the light inside of the glass will turn off automatically whenever it is tilted sideways or placed upside down. Unlike the Sun Moon Jar (shown below), the Milk Glass Cup Shaped LED Night Light Lamp is not water repellent and will need to be kept dry if used outdoors. You can buy them on Ebay for about $4.97 each (includes shipping).

Sun Moon Jar LED Solar Mood Lamp Light

Aren’t these adorable?  The Sun Moon Jar LED Solar Mood Lamp Light is a completely waterproof and weatherproof lighting option – making it the perfect outdoor solar light solution that comes in blue, amber or pink.  Like the Milk Glass Cup Shaped LED Night Light Lamp, the Sun Moor Jar also contains an ON/OFF setting but the batteries are replaced with 2 solar panels which automatically charge by day and give off a welcoming glow at night. The Sun Moon Jar LED Solar Mood Lamp Light also doubles as a storage solution, and is large enough to house candy, coins or collectibles. The least expensive unit price located online for the Sun Moon Jar is $13..24 at CZRH but keep in mind you’ll be paying for international shipping and will require additional time for delivery.

Soji Modern Rechargeable Solar Lanterns

The Soji Modern Rechargeable Solar Lantern is where design meets sustainability, making these the perfectly elegant lighting solution for an elegantly posh event.  Created in a layered wave-like form on hand formed weather resistant plastic, these green lighting alternatives are unique, portable, and efficient and will never require stringing of unsightly electrical wires. Creating the effect of a solar powered chandelier the Soji Modern lantern will turn itself on at dusk to cast a stunning golden glow that can last up to 6 hours.  They are available in 3 beautiful patterns: Pure White, Pearl Motif (white with white floral pattern) and Mineral Motif (white with grey floral pattern). If you order them from LampLust, you’ll pay about $36.99 a piece but will enjoy the discounted rate of $34.99 if you purchase 4 or more and the benefits of free shipping for all orders of $99 or more.

Targetti Art Light

Created by Australian born designer, Simon Crilley, this Targetti Art Light is actually a ceramic plate that contains living, breathing, and growing turf.  Yep, you read that right…it’s alive and as it grows it changes the nature of the light cast by the lamp.  Sadly, this item isn’t for sale.


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