Trix Aren’t Just For Kids Anymore…

Seems like Trix aren’t just for kids anymore.  Just went I thought I’d seen it all in wedding cakes, Betty Crocker showcases this sugary sweet picture of dessert perfection…

It gives me both a sugar rush and a tooth ache every time I look at the picture but the recipe looks like so much fun, I’m left with no choice but to add this to my list of meals to try at home.  And while I may not recommend it for a wedding, it seems like a perfect addition to your next children’s event.


One thought on “Trix Aren’t Just For Kids Anymore…

  1. Seems like you can make a cake out of anything these days…..very cute and creative for a kids birthday because it’s like a big colorful rice krispie treat but made with trix instead. As for trying it at home, since I have no children, I won’t be but, I will pass it on for someone I know would enjoy making this with their children.

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