Guestiquette: 4 Tips for Being a Great Guest

Whoo-hoo!!  You’ve received an invitation to the party of the year but there’s more to do than just pick out your outfit.  I usually tell people that the best thing to do after receiving an invitation is to READ IT!  Seems silly, right?  But you can’t even begin to imagine how many people have showed up at the right venue at the wrong time totally under dressed.  It happens more often than you think so we’ve listed 4 tips that will not only make sure you get the the right event at the right time but will also have you considered for Guest of the Year Award.

Respondez S’il Vous Plait.

One of the greatest gifts you can give your hostess is the gift of an attendance confirmation.  While it seems a trivial act, your RSVP has a lot of power.  It helps your hostess figure out important event details like how much food or wine to buy, how much seating is needed, and how many party favors to provide.   It’s also a good time to let the hostess know if you are bringing a +1 or inquire as to whether additional guests are welcome.  Always respond  to an invitation and follow proper guestiquette by doing so within one week of receipt.

Honor the Dress Code.

If your hostess took time to specify a dress code requirement (ie All White, Black Tie, Beach wear),  just go with the flow.  Wearing red leather to the white linen garden party does not make you an individual.  It makes you a terrible guest who either didn’t read the invitation or just didn’t care enough to honor the hostesses request.

Arrive on Time.

I think everyone understands the unlikely awkwardness that is associated with being the first to arrive on scene but arriving “fashionably late” to a soiree where dinner is being served or someone is being surprised is NOT cool.  Always try to arrive within 15 minutes of the event start time and notify the hostess if you will be arriving any later.

Don’t Arrive Empty Handed.

Providing a small gift to your hostess is a small gesture that essentially thanks them for the time spent on providing a fun-filled gathering.  And these gifts do not have to be grand, sweeping, gestures of gratitude; wine, candles, books, or a dessert item, are all great ideas.


6 thoughts on “Guestiquette: 4 Tips for Being a Great Guest

  1. I know a few people that should read this post…especially the point you made about dress codes and being late. I’ve seen where people didn’t follow dress code and would show up late as well and not only does it make you look crazy but it’s inconsiderate as well I think. So I’ll be forwarding this to quite a few people in hopes that it reaches all those who need a few lessons in etiquette.

  2. You hit this right on the nose. I know from first hand when people don’t respond, don’t comply with the dress code and show up late. I don’t expect a gift since I’m throwing the event. However, if you don’t bring a gift and then you have an event, please don’t expect a gift. Remember it is “give to receive”. Some people tend to forgot that they did not bring a gift and get upset when the favor is returned. 🙂

    Tasheea, great post!

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  4. I am so glad you posted this! This is a topic that cause many of us planners and hostesses party strife as well as extra expenses and, in severe cases, lost acquaintances or friendships. Here in the South, etiquette is next to godliness….yet there are so many that do not adhere to the most basic of polite party behavior; both before and at the event. The planners and hostesses take a great deal of time and expense in making the party great. As a polite guest who would like to be invited in the future, you should return the favor. Thanks again for this wonderful post! I will surely pass it on.

    • Hello from the North!!! Lol. I couldn’t agree with you more and it only take 30 seconds to alert the hostess that you’ll be in attendance. Thanks for taking time to read and I’ll be sure to stop by your blog!

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