EXPOSED: George James of George Talks, LLC

You’ll often hear me say that I love my dynamic network of friends.  I consider myself lucky to have so much talent within my reach and any opportunity to partner with them is the cherry on top of our already sweet friendship.  So today’s feature of EXPOSED is extra special as I get to introduce you to my longtime friend, George James, Jr.

George and I graduated from Villanova together in 2001 and since then he’s been quite busy finding happiness as a husband and father and success as a nationally recognized speaker and Licensed Marriage and Family therapist.  His brand, GeorgeTalks, LLC, is a multi-faceted communication and counseling company where the list of services provided include motivational & psycho-educational speaking, executive & life coaching, and individual & couple therapy and consulting.  I can personally attest to George’s patience and sensibility when advising on sensitive matters as I have had the unfortunate pleasure of emptying out a box, or two, of kleenex during several impromptu phone counseling sessions (What?  Did you really think I am always this perky?).

I recently asked George to share his devotion to helping people achieve enriched relationships with my readers and I am elated to announce that starting August 9th he will be guest blogging on Behind the Veil, Beyond the Vows the second Tuesday of every month.  So please give a very warm greeting to my friend and our very first guest blogger, Mr. George James.

General Information

  • What is your company name and when were you established? George Talks, LLC – Established September 2008
  • Why did you select your chosen company name: It developed from a think tank and reflected who I am and what I do.
  • What is your main line of business? George Talks, LLC is a multifaceted communication and consulting company with a goal of inspiring, teaching and empowering people to lead fulfilling and meaningful relationships, lives and businesses. Services provided include Motivational & Psycho-Educational Speaking, Executive & Life Coaching, Individual & Couple Therapy and Consulting.
  • What is the inspiration behind your business? I’ve been working as a therapist for about 10 years and have had wonderful opportunities to speak, consult, teach and many more. As the opportunities continued to increase I realized I needed an business to help nurture what I was already doing. In addition, I knew there was more I wanted to do like writing, workshops, etc and my own business would help to make that possible.
  • Explain the day in the life as a business owner: Wake up, check my phone, my email, go to the office check more email, say something on twitter, review my schedule, go to a meeting, make a phone call, run a group or see clients or appear on TV/Radio then go to another meeting, make some more calls, teach a class, go to a class, come home, try to workout, check more email, maybe watch some tv or a movie, then go to bed. Somewhere in there I try to eat.
  • What is the best business advice you’ve ever received? Keep throwing spaghetti at the wall and eventually something will stick. Meaning working hard, going to meetings, speaking and whatever else your business does, if you keep doing it, something will stick and work out.


  • Hometown: Hackensack, NJ
  • School Creds: Undergrad – Villanova University, Grad – Drexel University, Doctoral program (in progress) – Immaculata University
  • First Job: Boston Chicken (before it became Boston Market)
  • What keeps you up at night? Trying to make sure I did all I can that day to put my family and the business in the best place to get the most results for that day and the future.
  • What are some wise words that you live by? I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, Phil. 4:13
  • What was/is your best career decision? Not holding back throughout my career. Also, becoming a therapist, but not letting other people’s thoughts limit what I could and will do with my career.


  • Reading now: A mix between A Fathering book I was asked to endorse, a book on photography, a communication book and the DSM-IV (not reading as much as I want, but they are on the list of things to do)
  • Reading next: Some book for a class I’m taking and/or teaching
  • Last fun purchase: New clothes for my last vacation and 2 pairs of sunglasses
  • When you’re not working you can be found doing what? Trying to find a deal on my next vacation/getaway

Playing Favorites

  • Hotel: Marriott Chain
  • Getaway: Miami – South Beach
  • Entrée: Something that tastes good, could be Salmon or a good burger
  • Drink: Strawberry Lemonade
  • Guilty pleasure: Watching TV shows that eventually get canceled (Heroes, Human Target, Lie to Me). Also, watching movies from Disney, animated to chick flicks to comedy to action packed. Almost everything when I get a chance.

GEORGE TALKSLooking For More Information

If you have specific questions or topics of interest you’d like George to cover, leave a comment below or email us at


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