Stylishly Spooky Wedding Inspiration

Halloween is a holiday most frequently linked to activities such as ghost stories, trick or treating, costume parties, haunted hay rides and horror movies.  But, believe it not, it’s also a day chosen by many couples to exchange wedding vows.  From skeletal groomsmen and zombie heels to candy corn martinis, there are so many unique ways to infuse the halloween spirit into your wedding plans that we figured we’d share some of the inspiration found across the web.

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Halloween Candy Bar courtesy of

Photo credit:

Personalized Wedding Monogram Carved into a Pumpkin courtesy of

Toasting Flutes courtesy of

Halloween Wedding Invitation courtesy of

Couture black wedding dress courtesy of

Orange and Black Wedding Bouquet courtesy of

Til Death Do Us Part Ice Sculpture courtesy of

Candy corn pudding courtesy of

Zombie Heels courtesy of

Elegant Halloween Cake courtesy of

Skeletal Groomsmen courtesy of

Enchanted Halloween Inspiration Baord

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One thought on “Stylishly Spooky Wedding Inspiration

  1. I actually like a lot of the ideas for the Halloween wedding especially the purple vision board which was really pretty. You have to be or your planner has to be really creative to actually pull this theme off without it looking like Halloween just threw up.all over your wedding.

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