Couture Dining Experiences

We’re happy to announce that SocialBFly has partnered with BreakBread Catering Boutique to provide you with a delicious assortment of individually customized Couture Dining Experiences in 2012.

Each experience begins with a 1-hr ‘foodstorming’ session with Ilia Daniels, owner of BreakBread Catering, and me, your favorite event planner.  We will discuss food preferences and dietary concerns as well as, theme and event details.  We then use this information to create a customized menu and dining experience that includes NO prepping, NO cooking, and DEFINITELY NO cleaning for you.

We bring the décor, groceries, utensils, tools and ingredients required with us and serve and clean up afterward, leaving you only with the task of having fun and relaxing with your guests and loved ones.

Couture Dining Experience #1: Romantic Dinner au Pair

Ask yourself: what, besides long walks in the rain and flowers just because, could possibly be more romantic than a dinner date with your sweetheart?

Now ask yourself what is more convenient than experiencing that romantic dinner from the comforts of your home without having to lift a finger?

And now, take a second to process that….can you see it?  Did it just become THAT much more romantic?

If ‘nothing’, ‘nothing’, ‘yes and ‘YES’ were your answers to all of the above then you may be in the business of booking a Romantic Dinner au pair and whether your romantic fete sets the background for a private anniversary dinner, intimate proposal or just because, we guarantee you a memorable dining experience complete with palatable decadence.

  • Total # of courses included: 4
  • Duration: 4 hours max
  • Maximum Participants: 2
  • Customized Romantic Dining Experiences start at $425.00

Couture Dining Experience #2: Savory Dinner Soiree

Entertaining friends and family is always a good idea and an awesome way to create lasting memories.  But the truth is that with even the most meticulous planning and preparation, hostesses seldom find large pockets of time to relax and fully enjoy the company of their guests – a glass must be refreshed, appetizers warmed and spills cleaned.  And when it’s all over, you’re left with a huge pile of dirty dishes and a set of exhausted feet as a reminder of all of the fun that ensued.

But what if your next dinner party was just as fun and just as fabulous – except, next time around the ONLY thing you have to worry about Is basking in the blessing of good company (…and a good cocktail)?

You’re ready to send out the invitations NOW, right?

So what are you waiting for?  This is the ultimate way to enjoy a worry-free night of great food and great service that your guest won’t soon forget.

  • Total # of courses: 4
  • Duration: 3-4 hours
  • Maximum Participants: 8, including the hostess (For groups beyond 8, please contact us directly.)
  • Customized Savory Dinner Soiree Experiences start at  $425 for two people; $525 for four people, $575 for six people and $650 for eight people

Couture Dining Experience #3: Food Prep Party

Have you lost your mojo in the kitchen and need a little inspiration fine-tuning your inner domestic diva? Or, maybe you’re looking for a unique fun way to bring the gang together for an afternoon of fun.  Then why not book a Food Prep Party – a guided cooking lesson with Chef Ilia Daniels – that starts with a welcome and overview of the evening’s menu and concludes with a good meal that has been lovingly prepared by all in attendance?

It’s completely interactive and once your meal is ready, you’re only left with the chore of enjoying your guests and your delectable creation.  Bon apetit!

  • Duration: 3 hours maximum
  • Maximum Participants: 6 (For groups larger than 6, please contact us directly)
  • Couture Food Prep Party Experiences starting at $275 for two people, $350 for four people and $450 for six people

The Fine Print on Booking Your Couture Dining Experience…

  • It is strongly recommended that you book your Couture Dining Experience at least four weeks in advance.
  • Couture Dining Experiences are for the total number of guests specified at the time of booking.  Charges will apply for any guests in excess of the contracted amount.
  • A 50% deposit is required within 48 hours of confirming your Couture Dining Experience reservation.
  • Once your Couture Dining Experience has been confirmed it can be rescheduled, with no extra charges, if done so within 7 days of your event date.   No returns or exchanges are allowed.
  • Couture Dining Experiences are currently available to patrons who live in Philadelphia, Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. For locations beyond this area, please contact us directly as additional travel fees may apply.
  • Full access to a kitchen, no less than 2 hours in advance of your event start time, is required to book any of the Couture Dining Experiences.

For more information or to book your Couture Dining Experience TODAY, contact us at 215.375.2831. 


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