Hi! We’re excited that you’re going to be EXPOSED as a vendor spotlight in our Blog: Behind the Veil, Beyond the Vows. Our hope is that your feature will illuminate your unique business venture in a manner that’s fun, sassy, and interesting…so much so that it contributes to your marketing mojo!

Being EXPOSED is a pretty simple process…we’ve provided a list of interview questions below. You can answer them in any length you see fit, but we ask three things:

  1. that you understand that we may have to trim down some responses in editing
  2. that you remit your responses within 10 days; and
  3. (And MOST importantly) that you have fun with it!!

Once we have your responses, we’ll confirm receipt and confirm the date of your feature so you can let all of your friends know.

Please remember that we’ll need a head shot of you (and a business partner, if applicable), and up to 5 pictures of your product, including a brief description (By submitting your photos you are also granting us permission to publish them on our blog for the purposes of producing your EXPOSED company profile).


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