NY Fashion Week Recap: Carmelita Couture

Carmelita Couture is a women’s wear line made up of innovative pieces with a bold yet sophisticated style.  It was born out of a deeper need to show personal self-expression.

The Fall 2012 Collection, called “Revelation”, was showcased during NY Fashion Week and is inspired by what she calls, the most symbolic, prophetic, and final Book of the Bible.

I had the pleasure of attending the showcase, which was held at the Designer’s Loft [New York, NY].  Truth be told, this was my first time attending NY Fashion Week and I was able to get some really good photos on my new Blackberry Bold 9900.  Take a look…

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About the Designer
For Carmelita, fashion is an outward display of our inner self.  Self taught, Carmelita’s collection draws from her deep spiritual need to create and show the delicate balance of the strong, femine persona.
Based out of Philadelphia, Martell, continuously works to make designs for the fearless feminine.  Her goal each season is to make women feel like what they are wearing is one of a king and helps them express their own unique style.

Tying the Perfect Tie – Windsor Knot

So, interesting fact I learned over the weekend…not all men know how to tie a tie.  Go figure! I’ll refrain from my personal tirade of why I think this is but I couldn’t help but see it as the perfect opportunity to share Tim Ferriss’ step-by-step visual guide on tying the perfect Windsor knot.  Of all of the various tie styles, the Windsor knot (also known as the full Windsor or double Windsor) is my favorite – possibly because I spent so much of my childhood watching my father tie it perfectly around the neck of a crisp white shirt.  Or maybe because Tim Ferriss is just too darn cute.  Regardless, it’s simple, clean and timeless – not to mention an absolute must in your [man’s] formal wedding details.  So gentlemen, if you are unfamiliar with this particular knot style, consider this your lucky day.  And ladies, if you suspect, even for a second, that your beau hasn’t a clue  press play on the video below and enjoy the eye candy.  Oh, and then pass along to your hubby-to-be and his groomsmen.  *wink*