Digitize Your Handwriting


Handwriting has long been a skill that, like fingerprints, identifies us from each other and while modern day technology has taken over some of the heavy lifting; it remains an integral part of who we are, giving everything we do that extra-added personal touch.

A social communication that has been largely overshadowed by modern day technology but will never go out of style is the time tested handwritten note. After conducting a very non-scientific poll of my closest friends, it seems that many of us have good intentions of sending handwritten notes of gratitude and appreciation but never do, citing, horrible handwriting, lack of time or a complete transition to digital life as the most common reasons.

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But leave it to technology to save us from…well, technology.  Online sites like Fonts For Peas allow you to download from a variety of handwritten fonts (complete download included below) while YourFonts allow you to convert up to 200 of your submitted handwriting samples into fonts that can be saved to your computer.   Both sites allow you to submit your fonts for free (note: Your Fonts will cost $9.95 to download your favorite fonts onto your computer) and can help rescue you in the moments when email just won’t do.