Music Monday: 8 Wedding Songs by Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston has several songs that are listed on the SocialBFly soundtrack of life.

Some of my fondest childhood memories include times when my father would grab me and all of my sisters and dance with us to “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” – we’d be hanging from each leg and arm.  And then there was my 8th grade graduation when I joined my classes in unison to sing  “The Greatest Love of All”.

We’re terribly sad to hear of her passing but if ever there was a voice to be celebrated, it would be that of Whitney Houston.  In honor of her life and amazing talent, we’re  listing our top 8 songs that would be wedding appropriate Whitney Houston songs instead.

  1. Nobody Loves Me Like You Do
  2. One Moment in Time
  3. All the Man I Need
  4. I Look to You
  5. You Give Good Love
  6. My Love is Your Love
  7. I Get So Emotional

And in memory of her voice, number 8 is one of my mother’s favorite scenes and songs from The Preacher’s Wife  –  I Believe in You and Me.

Happy Planning!