No Time To Cook? There’s an APP for that!

Here’s an app I think all of our busy singles, nesties and knotties will appreciate.  RealSimple has recently released their No Time To Cook app – designed to give you weekly grocery lists, step by step instructions, and how-to videos for more than 850 easy dinner recipes that can be prepared in 40 minutes or less.  It will cost you $4.99 and is only available for Android, iPhone, and iPAD.  Start cooking now and download this RealSimple app for your Android or iPHONE/iPAD today!

Have you already started using this app?  Has it made your life easier?  Tell us your experience below.


2 thoughts on “No Time To Cook? There’s an APP for that!

  1. Now this is an app a busy girl can really use! I thank you for it but I’m sure my “tired of eating spaghetti” family thanks you more!! LOL!

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