Trend Alert: Trashing the Dress

Photo Credit: John Michael Cooper

I love all concepts of over-the-top creativity and artistic expression that fuel fresh new trends, including one that is gaining in popularity – trashing the dress. The concept emerged in 2008 and is looked upon as a form of rebellion against traditional wedding rules, especially those centered on gown preservation.  Essentially, brides are putting their wedding dresses back on for a high-fashion style of wedding photography featuring the dirtied, torn, burned, soggy remains of a once-pristine white dress and according to a recent article posted in the  Philadelphia Inquirer entitled Cherish the dress? Not them, trashing the dress is a trend that is currently practiced by 11% of all couples following their I do’s.   Pure fashion mutilation?  Maybe.  Admittedly, the thought of destroying a wedding dress in the name of art almost seems blasphemous but the article suggests that a post-wedding trash the dress photo shoot is “…an opportunity to preserve the dress as artwork to be hung on the wall as opposed to preserved in a box…” while “…  amplifying the gown’s in-the-moment beauty.”  After seeing some of the pictures, I may have to argue that they are right!

What do you think of Trash the Dress Photo Shoots?  Will you be doing one after your wedding?


2 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Trashing the Dress

  1. Hmmm, I could go either way. The fact that a bride may never wear their dress again then trash the dress. On the flip side, the tradition of passing down your wedding dress to your daughter is a great idea as well. To each its own…

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