Preston Bailey’s Color Palette Picker

Preston Bailey – king of ALL things weddings – has recently released his Color Palette Picker to help brides and planners find some much needed color inspiration.  It’s a simple and easy  process that begins with the selection of the color you’re contemplating using as the main attraction:

Then you’ll be asked to select answers for HOW many guests are invited to your event, WHERE your event is taking place, WHAT the light source will be and, WHAT is the tone of your event and then you’ll select your PRESTON FACTOR:

The result is a  customized color palette along with some great suggestions for accent colors and a photo of an actual PB event for a little visual stimulation and ideas on how to bring it all together.

I must warn you that is it highly addictive so why not log on and get hooked now.  And then let us know what your recommended palette is.


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