Pinwheel, pinwheel…

Pinwheels are an awesome, playful detail that can be incorporated into your outdoor summer event.  I will have the pleasure of incorporating them into a client’s graduation garden party but  you can also  incorporate pinwheels into your wedding or party decor by using them as reception decor; incorporating them into your cake; or have your bridesmaids carry them instead of bouquets. You can even make mini pinwheels for the guys to wear as an alternative to floral boutonnieres!

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So if you’re looking for cost-efficient and playfully elegant decor for your wedding or event, consider pinwheels.  With so many paper types and patterns that are currently on the market, it’s easy to get creatively carried away and even easier to do yourself with this DIY video:


2 thoughts on “Pinwheel, pinwheel…

  1. How cute especially if you have a whimsical themed event. From the pictures that are displayed the way they incorporated it is extremely clever and all without making it look tacky. Very cute suggestion!

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