Destination Decadence: All Aboard the Princess Mariana

It’s quite arguable that the Princess Mariana is so outrageously decadent that the title of this blog should read Picture This: Princess Mariana or better yet, In My Wildest Dreams: Princess Mariana.  You see, this lovely work of nautical art is a 258 yard luxurious mega-yacht.   And if you’re anything like me you’re probably wondering how, exactly, does one super-size a yacht.  You add some impressive features like six staterooms, a beach club, helipad (which by the way, becomes a golf driving range when the helicopter is away), and fully equipped gym.

And then you add in some fun accessories like  the party deck which includes two bars, casual seating areas, a raised dance floor, a grand piano, three cinema screens, a barbeque, sun beds and a spa pool!  And of course, a cinema on the main deck with seating for 13 guests.

Of course this is Destination Decadence so if you want to rent the Princess Mariana for a week, you’ll need to incorporate approximately $606, 500 into your wedding or event budget. Talk about a platinum wedding.  However, as I have also subtitled this blog entry In Your Wildest Dreams: Princess Mariana I dare to dream that I just blogged the location of my future wedding.


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