Happily Ever After: Barbie and Ken Get Married

Barbie (nee Barbra Millicent Roberts) and longtime boyfriend, Ken Carson (better known as just Ken) met on the set of a TV commercial in 1961 and it was love at first sight.  But in 2004, the couple split, landing them on the covers of toy magazines everywhere.  Although never confirmed, it was rumored that the separation may have been caused by Ken’s reluctance to get married however Ken returned to Barbie’s heart in 2006 with a fresh makeover and a diamond ring!!

French photographer and owner of BdG Photography, Beatrice de Guigne, recently staged and photographed a beautifully creative and artistic reenactment of what was undoubtedly, a fairytale wedding day for the couple.  The photos are gorgeous and for a moment, I almost forget I’m looking at dolls.  I’ve included just a handful of the wedding pictures below but you can see the complete wedding album here.  Enjoy!

Oh…ps: Beatrice, please invite me to the next party! Please and thank you!


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