Happily Ever After: Barbie and Ken Get Married

Barbie (nee Barbra Millicent Roberts) and longtime boyfriend, Ken Carson (better known as just Ken) met on the set of a TV commercial in 1961 and it was love at first sight.  But in 2004, the couple split, landing them on the covers of toy magazines everywhere.  Although never confirmed, it was rumored that the separation may have been caused by Ken’s reluctance to get married however Ken returned to Barbie’s heart in 2006 with a fresh makeover and a diamond ring!!

French photographer and owner of BdG Photography, Beatrice de Guigne, recently staged and photographed a beautifully creative and artistic reenactment of what was undoubtedly, a fairytale wedding day for the couple.  The photos are gorgeous and for a moment, I almost forget I’m looking at dolls.  I’ve included just a handful of the wedding pictures below but you can see the complete wedding album here.  Enjoy!

Oh…ps: Beatrice, please invite me to the next party! Please and thank you!


The Traditionalist Barbie by Vera Wang

Vera Wang elegantly designs wedding gowns that allow brides to express their individuality. Now, through a unique collaboration, that uniqueness goes even further – with a new personalization feature for Vera’s third and final Barbie® Collector bridal doll!

Vera Wang™ Bride: The Traditionalist Barbie® Doll captures the luxury, impeccable detailing, and superior workmanship that define Vera Wang. Based on the celebrated Dovima gown, it features a flattering strapless bodice and mermaid-style waist, flowering into a full skirt. The watercolor pattern on the tulle overskirt is playful and sophisticated, reflecting the designer’s signature approach to bridal couture.

This Gold Label® doll is available for purchase beginning 4/14/11 at 11:00am CDT in the online shop* (details below), with delivery in July 2011. No more than 2,500 total dolls will be made worldwide, but only 1,000 of those will be available for purchase in the online shop** (details below).

To make this treasured gift even more special, BarbieCollector.com is proud to announce its first-ever personalization program! When you purchase Vera Wang™ Bride: The Traditionalist Barbie® doll from the online shop, you can choose the Vera Wang monogram for the package, or you can personalize the package with one letter-pressed monogram initial applied to the front of the doll box, at no additional charge.

Like the bride or bride-to-be, this doll is the perfect reflection of a woman with effortless elegance, timeless beauty, and innate poise. For wedding or anniversary, Vera’s design makes for a timeless gift. Order now, and get Vera Wang™ Bride: The Traditionalist Barbie® doll to the chapel on time!

* The opportunity to purchase Vera Wang™ Bride: The Traditionalist Barbie® doll for $159.95 plus S&P for July 2011 delivery begins 4/14/11 at 11:00am CDT and ends 5/16/11 at 11:59pm CDT in the online shop.

** Vera Wang™ Bride: The Traditionalist Barbie® doll is a Gold Label® doll, and no more than 2,500 dolls will be available worldwide. Of those, no more than 1,000 dolls will be available for purchase in the online shop, with your choice of Vera Wang monogram packaging or letter-press personalization packaging. Limit three (3) dolls per order.

{photos and information credit: barbiecollector.com}