Real Engagement: Renae and Kyle

Renae and Kyle

  • The Happy Couple: Renae, 24 and Kyle, 26
  • When Did He Pop the Question? October 22, 2011
  • Where Did He Pop the Question? On the river in Little Falls, which is a scenic overlook located on the Kancamagus Highway in New Hampshire.
  • How did it happen? Kyle had been pranking me for a couple of months. The first time, it was in front of Niagara Falls, which was a teary let down. Then he followed up while on a romantic walk through Central Park. So, I’d just lost all hope that it would happen this year, at all. But the first thing he said that fateful Saturday was, ‘Today’s your big day’…. [read more on Renae’s blog, the BubblyBlackGirl]
  • Anticipated Wedding Date: Let me just say, to all the newly engaged ladies out there, wait until the calm passes to discuss a potential wedding date with your fiance. In other words, chill out, give the guy a break because he’s just done something that’s kind of a high stressed big deal. Somehow, I sold Kyle on the idea of eloping, but I didn’t mean to.  So, we’ve compromised and plan on doing a destination wedding in the first half of 2013.

Join me in congratulating Renae and Kyle on their engagement!


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