Announcing the 2011 Pink Party Recipient

THINK PINKBreast Cancer Awareness Month is right around the corner, and if you’ve been part of the SocialBFly experience for at least a year you know that means another exciting installation of the Pink Party.  However, If you’re a newbie let me first  say “Welcome” and introduce you to this annual SocialBFly Signature Series event which strives to honor breast cancer survivors; encourage breast cancer awareness; and most importantly, raise funds for grassroots non-profit organization to continue their advancements in breast cancer research.

I’m so happy to announce that this year’s Pink Party recipient is mamorial, a new jersey based non-profit which is also an artistic multi-media celebration of breast cancer survival; the focus of which is an extensive collection of life castings of breasts affected by cancer.  mamorial’s mission is to:

  • generate greater global awareness and action
  • provide greater motivation for early detection
  • contribute to the healing process of survivors
  • stimulate funding for intensified research, leading to a cure and prevention

The organization also hopes to become a permanent, large-scale travelling art installation that juxtaposes the inner strength and utter vulnerability of breast cancer patients, conveying the full spectrum of the physical and emotional effects of the breast cancer experience.  mamorial was created by Mary Ellen Scherl, a New Jersey native and sculpurist whom you’ll learn more about in a future EXPOSED feature.  In the meantime, you can learn more about mamorial at and stay tuned to Behind the Veil, Beyond the Vows as additional details about the 2011 installation of the Pink Party will be coming soon!!!

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December 1st is World Aids Day

Here’s an alarming statistic: Nationwide there are approximately 33.4M people living with HIV and approximately 2M die each year from the disease.

World Aids Day is a worldwide movement that seeks to raise money, increase awareness and education, and dispel myths and prejudices surrounding HIV and Aids.  More importantly, it is a reminder for all of us that HIV is still prevalent and there is still much to do in improving the lives of those infected and minimizing the number of new cases reported each year.

The 2010 theme for World Aids Day is Universal Access and Human Rights – two very important components in ensuring that those infected with HIV/AIDS have the same access to medical care and treatment as those without it and are treated fairly, without bias or discrimination, regardless of sexual orientation or medical history.

Remember….there are 33.4M people living with this disease which means there are fewer degrees of separation in who is impacted, either directly or indirectly by HIV/AIDS.  That also means that we all have a responsibility to take actions that protect human and civil rights and demand that appropriate measures for preventing, treating and caring for those affected by HIV/AIDS are taken.

If you’re looking for ways to show your support of World Aids Day or show your support and care for HIV/AIDS, here are a few ideas:

  • Wear a red ribbon (exactly like the one in the photo above)
  • Attend a World Aids Event.  A searchable database of events nationwide can be accessed here.
  • Host a candlelight vigil at your church or community center
  • Volunteer at your local hospital to read to children who were born with HIV/AIDS
  • GET TESTED!!!  To find a listing of facilities offering free HIV/AIDS testing visit

For more information on HIV/AIDS, visit the DHSS web site at or call the DHSS AIDS hotline at 1-866-HIV-CHECK.

Your Access Is Granted: A First Look at the Pink Party Silent Auction Items

It’s exciting that this year’s installation of the Pink Party is taking place in the 25th year of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual international health campaign organized every October to increase awareness of the disease; raise funds for research into its cause, prevention and cure; and to remind women to be breast aware for earlier detection. Because of the work done to raise awareness of breast cancer in women under 40, we are happy to announce that the Young Survival Coalition will be the recipient of this year’s silent auction.  Thanks for the generous donations from the following businesses, we hope to raise $500 to assist YSC in continuing their efforts and we can only reach this goal with your help. As a reminder the Pink Party will take place on Thursday, October 28th, from 5pm – 9pm at NINE Lounge in Hoboken, NJ (333 Washington Street).  On event day, the bidding will open at 6:00pm and close at 8:00pm.  If you are interested in placing a bid on any of the following items but are unable to attend, join us on twitter for the virtual auction. Keep in mind that your contributions are 100% charitable and auction winners will receive a thank you letter and confirmation of their contribution in the mail.

On event night, you have the option of bidding on any of the following items:

Item Name: Pink Roses

  • Description: This artwork is personal and emotional in the heart of the artist as it was created to pay respect to his Grandmother, who fell victim to the disease in 1996. To the artist these pink roses represent hope to the victims, survivors and every woman because with early detection survival will be in bloom.

  • Donated by Leon Finney, Artist

  • Retail Value: Original, $5000; Reprint; $135

  • Reserve Cost: $45

Item Name: Gift to Royalty

  • Description: 9×12 Framed Piece. Handmade paper, metallic paint, African trinkets.

  • Donated by Celeste Morris, Artist

  • Retail Value: $190

  • Reserve Cost: $55

Item Name: A Nu Sole Spa Pedicure Experience

  • Description: Your feet need pampering too.  Treat them to this foot spa zen.

  • Donated by: All Inclusive Bridal Spa

  • Retail Value: $60.00

  • Reserve Cost: $20.00

Item Name: Silk Chiffon Necklace

  • Description: Silk Chiffon Necklace with signature silver-plated heart.  Personalization available. Additional charms can be added.

  • Donated by: Katie Rozzelle; Independent Stella & Dot Stylist

  • Retail Value: $48

  • Reserve Cost: $20

Item Name: Two delicious soul food dinners, including dessert for two.

Item Name: Make-Up Session and Photo Session

  • Description: 1 hr studio session. Includes CD of shots and Make-Up Artist

  • Donated by Jamal Momon, Momon Photo

  • Retail Value: $225

  • Reserve Cost: $75

Item Name: Pink Spa Wellness Basket

*** So come out and join us for a passionately pink evening of Networking, Cocktails and Prizes.

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For more information on the Young Survival Coalition or to read the backstory on the Pink Party, visit our blog, Behind the Veil, Beyond the Vows.