13 Wedding Superstitions

It’s interesting to note that many of our current wedding traditions are the result of ancient folklore – oftentimes, drummed up to ward off evil spirits that were thought to plague couples on their wedding day.  And believe it or not, superstition exists around just about every detail of your wedding day.  So, in honor of Friday the 13th, the unluckiest day of the year, I thought I’d share 13 ancient wedding superstitions you may not be too familiar with.

  1. A final look in the mirror right before the bride leaves her home for the ceremony will bring good luck. However, if she looks in a mirror once again before the ceremony, her luck will go bad.
  2. Wedding cake is considered good luck and all wedding guests should eat some to ensure their own personal good luck — an unmarried male guest who keeps a piece of wedding cake under his pillow as he sleeps will increase his chances of finding a mate and an unmarried bridesmaid who does the same will dream of her future husband.
  3. The first member of the newlywed couple to purchase a new item following the wedding will dominate the relationship.
  4. On the wedding day, a bride should exit her house from the front door and step out right foot first. She should also enter her home by the main door and must never trip or fall or, you guessed it, she’ll have bad luck.
  5. Marrying when the hands on the clock are on their way down is bad luck. It`s considered far better to marry between the half hour and the hour, when the hands are moving back up, otherwise, your marriage will always be going downhill.
  6. To see a Monk or nun on your wedding day is considered bad luck, as they represent barreness and a life dependent on charity.
  7. The bride is said to be doomed to a life of heartbreak and tragedy if she wears her complete wedding outfit before the big day.
  8. Dropping the ring during the ceremony is an evil omen and whoever dropped the ring would die first.
  9. Sapphire or aquamarine in a wedding ring means marital happiness and is said to ensure a long, happy marriage.
  10. If you can persuade a cat to eat out of your left shoe one week before the wedding good luck will bless your married life.
  11. It is unlucky for the bride or groom to wear their rings before the wedding ceremony and once the wedding ring has been placed on the finger, it is considered bad luck to remove it. If the ring accidentally comes off, your spouse must replace it on your finger.
  12. Wedding flowers to avoid are peonies, as they symbolize shame.
  13. It’s considered good luck for the bride to cry on her wedding day, as this symbolizes that she has shed all her tears and will not have any to shed during her marriage.

Did you or will you be recognizing any of these superstitions on your wedding day? Let us know.

Happy Friday the 13th!!!

Stylishly Spooky Wedding Inspiration

Halloween is a holiday most frequently linked to activities such as ghost stories, trick or treating, costume parties, haunted hay rides and horror movies.  But, believe it not, it’s also a day chosen by many couples to exchange wedding vows.  From skeletal groomsmen and zombie heels to candy corn martinis, there are so many unique ways to infuse the halloween spirit into your wedding plans that we figured we’d share some of the inspiration found across the web.

Photo credit: bridedream.org

Halloween Candy Bar courtesy of luxefinds.com

Photo credit: perfect-wedding-day.com

Personalized Wedding Monogram Carved into a Pumpkin courtesy of blissweddingsmarket.com

Toasting Flutes courtesy of annsbridalbargains.com

Halloween Wedding Invitation courtesy of weddingbycolor.com

Couture black wedding dress courtesy of ritawongevents.com

Orange and Black Wedding Bouquet courtesy of weddingflower-s.info

Til Death Do Us Part Ice Sculpture courtesy of nycityweddings.com

Candy corn pudding courtesy of theperfectpalette.com

Zombie Heels courtesy of offbeatbride.com

Elegant Halloween Cake courtesy of luxefinds.com

Skeletal Groomsmen courtesy of luxefinds.com

Enchanted Halloween Inspiration Baord

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Happy Memorial Day

I am a military brat so I must say thank you to the men and women (especially my father) who have placed their lives in peril while serving our great country.   THANK YOU!!!

But Memorial Day is also the unofficial start to Summer which means more weddings, weekend getaways, family gatherings and travel and more blog posts (from yours truly) on how to make it the hottest summer yet!  Happy Memorial Day!!

Vamos a Celebrar! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

The 1862 victory over the French army by Mexico is not only the reason for Cinco de Mayo but is a fact that is often overshadowed by the delightfully palate quenching discovery of the MARGARITA!!!  And to celebrate, we’re starting our blenders and whipping up a few batches of a homemade recipe we like to call the Sassafras – a sparkling combination of fresh mint, berries, lime juice, prosecco, and of course, tequila.  Are you ready to party?

The Ingredients (makes 1 serving):

  • 1-Cup of Crushed Ice
  • Fresh mint
  • ¼ Cup of Frozen Unsweetened Strawberries
  • ¼ Cup of Frozen Raspberries
  • ¼ Cup of Frozen Blackberries
  • 2-tbsp Lime juice
  • 1 shot (1.5-ounce) of Republic tequila
  • ¾-Cup of Prosecco or Sprite
  • Lime or Strawberry Wedge for Garnish

The Raw Materials:

  • A Blender
  • Margarita Glass


The Instructions:

  • Place all ingredients into a blender and blend until consistency is uniform and slushy
  • Pour into a margarita glass
  • Adorn with lime or strawberry garnish
  • Drink up and enjoy!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

{photo credit: zoobooz.com}

Crafty “Hoppy” Easter Cards from Etsy

Don’t miss the opportunity to send sweet wishes to loved ones for an extra “hoppy” Easter holiday with these handmade greeting cards found on Etsy:

Bunny and His Peeps. Nicole Alesi, $3.00

Pink Leaping Bunnies “Hippity Hoppity”. Cherry Blosson Trees, $3.75

Three Peep Bunnies Pop Up Card. Cookie Bits, $4.50

Happy Easter Machine Embroidered Card in Pastels. Hill Country, $4.50

Easter Egg Trio Handmade Blank Greeting Card. Cherry Blossom Trees, $3.75

Lily Easter Wishes. WK Burden. $3.25

Grace Easter Card. TwigLily, $3.25

Brown and White Bunny Vintage Style Card. Sandbox Cards, $4.50

A little bird told me it was Easter. Ben Boo Creations, $4.50

Little Bunny Greeting Card. MGP Scrapbooker, $5.00

Bunny Ears & Cottontails (Set of 10). Delightfully Noted, $16.00

Keep Calm Bunny Greeting Card. African Grey, $5.50